No-Kill Bee Removal

Just because bees have chosen to nest in or around your home or business, doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be condemned for it! Bees are natural creatures that exist in our world and are a vital part of the ecosystem. Bee Free Bee Removal Service recognizes the importance of bees and the decision to relocate them, rather than eliminate them. We’ll ensure the complete removal and relocation of the bees on your property, without euthanizing them like other services will.


Chemical Free Removal

Some bee exterminators use toxic, abrasive chemicals to eradicate your bee infestation. Chemicals that could be harmful and dangerous to you, your family or your pets. Bee Free does not use any chemicals in the removal of the bee’s.


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At BEE FREE Bee Removal Service, we stand by the work that we do and are entirely confident in our ability to serve you. We offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee on our services and assure complete peace of mind that when we’re done, bees won’t be troubling you again anytime soon.

Peace Of Mind

BEE FREE Bee Removal Service is licensed with Texas Apiary Inspection Service to remove and transport bee's. You will have peace of mind knowing that a licensed & trained professional will be taking care of your bee removal needs along with our one-year guarantee on our services BEE FREE Bee Removal are the ones to call.


Swarm Removal

Swarm is usually located within 100 yards of the parent colony. Although swarming honey bees have little interest in stinging people you should stay away and call BEE FREE Bee Removal immediately. The bee colony has sent out scout bees to find a safe place to set up their new colony, you want a BEE FREE Bee Removal to come and relocate them before they move into your home.

Hive Removal

BEE FREE experts also needs to remove the odor of a hive. The hive must be removed very thoroughly, and the hive space must be cleaned and treated to prevent bees from returning.

Cut Outs

Honey bee removal doing a cut out can be tricky.

It requires work setting up your equipment for the bee nest removal, for removing the covering materials in such a way that they can be replaced correctly, and for removing bees and comb when you find location of the comb.

Generally, the honey bee removal process can take from 5 hours for one man up to 8 hours for 2 men.

It all depends on how where the beehive is located in the building, how long it takes you to get to it, and the actual time to do the honey bee removal once you get to the comb.

Trap Outs
to reach locations:

Trap out bee hive removals – Require time and lots of miles for site visits.

Trap Outs take 6 – 8 weeks depending on the size of the colony and the amount of resources and brood in the hive.