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Bee Removal Service

If you think bees have invaded your home, don't panic.
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Serving Grayson, Fannin & Collin Counties
Swarm Removals Are FREE in Grayson Co

Swarm Removal

We remove & relocate Honey Bee swarms for free.
We remove & relocate Honey Bee Swarms in Grayson County 10 feet from ground or lower for free . Swarms higher than 10 ft call for estimate. Fannin & Collin Counties have a travel fee of $50 to $100

Bee Removal

We remove & relocate Honey Bees with no harm to the bees or to the environment.
We provide effective low-cost removal services from walls, roofs, attics, chimneys and other odd places bees nest in with solutions for recurring problems. Pesticides are never used in removals.

Residential Beekeeping

Already have bee's or want to get started keeping bee's and need help, give us a call!
Enjoy the charm of a beehive, along with the pollination benefits of your colony, while our trained beekeepers maintain their health and success on our routinely scheduled visits.